Client Testimonials

LPT Payroll Services for small business'

Debbie Plimmer from Avon Magnetics Ltd

"We have used LPT Payroll Services for a number of years and will continue to do so. They offer a good quality of service and advice in all aspects of Payroll. The whole team is helpful and trustworthy, they make my job a lot easier. I would have no problem in recommending their services to other Businesses."

WBD Dockeray FCCA

"Our payroll of 40 staff is looked after by LPT payroll. Having used LPT now for several years I have nothing but praise for their personal, prompt and highly efficient service."

Claire Lancaster from Leeds Autism Services

"LAS have worked with Lynda Throsby since January 1999 and subsequently with LPT and the team since August 2007. I feel I have a good working relationship with the team and they are helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of payroll. I can highly recommend their service to others."

Ewa Praschma Owner of The Old School Nursery

"I am a small business and when I set up 7 years ago, I used to do all of my wages and accounts for the business. It was a very time consuming job and when I heard about someone out there actually been able to do that job for me I jumped at the chance. Lynda and Peter were part of a bigger organization at the time, but having them at the end of the phone to help with advice was wonderful. I was so disappointed when the bigger company went to trade in another country and I have to say the service was never the same. I guess you could say that you certainly become a 'very small fish in a big pond' It didn't take very long before I had the opportunity to go back to LPT payroll and the difference has been amazing. I am now once again a big fish in a small pond. Peter and Lynda are always at the end of the phone and always too pleased to help in any way. Their service is invaluable and makes my life as a small business owner a whole lot easier. I certainly wouldn't be without them that's for sure.... "

Deborah Willetts from Duke Street Capital Ltd

"We have been employing the services of Lynda Throsby SMPA of LPT Payroll Services since mid 2001. During that time we have enjoyed a very professional and helpful service and would highly recommend Lynda and her team."