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We have teamed up with PayDashboard the Payroll Portal to offer an Interactive Payslip Platform.

This is available for any company no matter the size.

The benefits for your employees

  • PAYE forms accessed online
  • Desktop and mobile access – no app required
  • Automated password resets
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to search, view, download and print payslips
  • Financial education on tax codes, allowances and other pay-related information
  • In-browser translation – view their payslips in any language

The benefits for you as an employer

  • Dynamic employer dashboards summarising your payroll
  • Quick access to your employee payroll records
  • A 2-way document transfer system between us and you
  • You can add your logo automatically to show on employees’ payslips

How it works

You load your payroll documents into the portal

We retrieve the documents and process the payroll.

We load the payroll reports into the portal for you to retrieve

Once payroll has been approved payslips are uploaded to the Portal and made available to employees on Payday or any day specified by yourself.

Pay Dashboard is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 approved