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United Kingdom Payroll Outsourcing Company

Why Outsource?

Running a business these days is becoming harder and more and more time has to be dedicated to staying in business. One of the down side effects of this are that internal functions are often neglected or take up valuable time which could be used more economically. Payroll is one of these areas, and it isn't surprising that more and more businesses are turning to a UK payroll outsourcing company.

Have you ever thought about the true cost of running your payroll?

Whether you process it yourself or delegate it to a staff member it always takes more time than you initially think to process it. There are a hundred little things that can go wrong and add more time to processing.

  • forgotten overtime
  • last minute additional payments or deductions
  • employees calling in sick
  • employee queries - "why is my tax so high?", "my overtime doesn't look right"

All these can mean time costing reruns.

Correctly assessing employees for pension enrolment and contributions.

Uploading pension details to the provider platforms.

Organizing the payments to employees to make sure they are paid on time.

Legislation changes mean constant retraining or hours reading and understanding new changes as well as time spent dealing with HMRC.

There is the cost of software, training and stationary requirements.

Remember payroll is time sensitive, what happens if you have a system failure?, or the person doing the payroll is on holiday or off sick, the payroll still has to run but who is going to do it ?

All these administrative burdens are associated with managing your own payroll.

So how can a UK Payroll Outsourcing Company be any better ?

Outsourcing can be easily budgeted, you will save precious business time, see a reduction in administration costs and capital expenditure.

With the facilities in place payments can be made on your behalf not only to employees but to the HMRC as well.

There is no extra training for legislation changes, a reduction in costly errors which can result in improved employee morale.

We work with most pension providers and are familiar with their systems as well as having the experience to assess employees correctly.

But most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing the payroll is in safe hands enabling you to concentrate more on your business.

A UK payroll outsourcing company is there to remove the worries from you as we are the professionals that specialize in Payroll.

We can save you time and money.